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28 Sep

Home renovation is a huge work on a person's emotions and finances.    The general contractor (GC) bears the whole burden of getting materials, bringing people to help in the work, organizing work programs, facilitating and getting the project accomplished for the estimated rates.   To get the best results of work in your project you should work hand in hand with your contractor employing a lot of determination.    when looking for a GC you should consider the-the guidelines below.

Have a clear plan of what you want before you start.    this makes  work simple from the point of employing the contractor at to getting the work completed.    It can be difficult for the contractor to approximate the cost of the project,  if you had not made one, and decisions made when the project has commenced could add to the disarray, time required, and extra costs.   Ensure that you have described the features you want when making the layout.    A general contractor is not a designer but a person who gets the project executed.   While some GCs have a natural ability to recognize and create spaces and can provide some valuable advice, designing is not part of their job description.   make sure you have stated all the features you want, their make and even the material and colors.

you can explore by looking for recommendations from people you may know.    Find out why they love a certain contractor.    make a list of potential contractors and investigate whether there are allegations against them from the authorities.

 Chat with the contractors and get to know them deeper.    Ask the questions that you feel are relevant to the work ahead of you.  Check out for their legal documents. 

 Be attentive to the personal interaction.    Be sure the person you hire you are comfortable working with them an individual who is not abusive.    Hire a contractor who is attentive to you.    Work with a person who you converse with without feeling limited.

 Contact a few of the people that have worked with the contractor at to find out how good was the job they received.  Find out the reliability of the contractor in doing the work within the agreed time and if they  can be trusted.

After you have narrowed to the person to work with; it is time to move forward with the project.    allow the contractor to gauge the cost of the work.    Put all the details in writing this include deposit, payment schedule and work to be performed.

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